[Vol. 78] The Establishment of the New Student Council

기사승인 2017.11.29  


On November 21, the 30th student president and vice president were elected. Sin Ji-yoon, a presidential candidate majoring in Education, and Nam Hyung-min, a vice presidential candidate majoring in Mathematics Education, was the sole candidate team for the election. Among enrolled 2,314 KNUE students, 50.73 percent voted for the election, and among the voters, 95.99 percent cast a ballot in favor of the candidates.

The Student Council in KNUE has been absent since the senior leadership from ‘Sprout’ Student Council resigned before last spring. In the Students’ General Meeting of the first half year in 2016, the leadership was reprimanded for not using the budgets effectively and resigned voluntarily right after the meeting. Because there was no candidate for the by-election after the resignation, the Emergency Committee has performed a role of the Student Council. However, the Committee has had some troubles because of the authority between the chair of the Emergency Committee and the student president.

Kim Ji-yeon, the chair of the Election Commission, pointed out that the absence of the Student Council decreases the students’ interests and make them do not participate well in the events, causing a vicious circle. She appealed to the students for their attention and support for the new Student Council, emphasizing the importance of the presence of it. A new Student Council named ‘Refresh’ will be established since this December. It is expected that this will be the end of the period of student governmental vacuum lasted for almost two years.

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