[Vol. 78] A Survey about Campus Cafes in KNUE

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In modern society, cafés have become a routine place for students in everyday life. When going to a café, various factors are considered such as price, taste, accessibility, atmosphere, and so on. The followings are the results of the survey about cafes in and around KNUE.

Which cafe do KNUE students use most frequently? According to this survey, Gong-gam is the cafe that KNUE students have used most frequently, followed by MAY 49-10 and Shim-pyo. Gong-gam, which is the café that the largest number of students visit, is located at Students Hall on campus. Not only undergraduate students, but also professors, graduate students, and other school staffs visit this café. Why do students go to this on-campus café frequently? High accessibility was the biggest factor, accounting for 65 percent followed by price, atmosphere, and so on.

What about the overall satisfaction level of campus cafés? According to the survey, ‘average’ accounted for 40 percent, ‘satisfactory’ for 20 percent, ‘unsatisfactory’ and ‘very satisfactory’ both for 15 percent and ‘very unsatisfactory’ for 10 percent. Most of the students showed contentment, and there was no significant difference between the number of students who felt satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Then, what is the reason for the lack of contentment? Students felt discontent in terms of price, service, taste, atmosphere, and others. Despite the fact that the cafés are operated in the consumer cooperative of KNUE, students feel dissatisfaction with not only the expensive prices, but also unfriendly service and irregular tastes.

How do students feel about the price of school cafés? On the price which is the most unsatisfactory factor of school cafes, 45 percent of the respondents said that they are unsatisfied. Both Gong-gam and Shim-pyo cafe are one of the projects aimed at enhancing students’ welfare, but the cost of coffee at school cafes seems to be a burden to students. How about the prices of other schools besides this school?

The graph above shows the price of Americano in school cafés operated by the cooperative coordination of the university. Mostly, it was about half of the franchise coffee shops. Usually, the price of coffee sold in other universities is cheaper than regular brands, considering the affordability of students. The price of 2300 won in KNUE is a relatively expensive price compared to some schools. In addition, it has been observed that the franchise café’s  price of the coffee in campus gets lowered by the competitive effects of a low price of campus café.

Many students love their campus café. Therefore, there are only a few things they wanted such as price reduction, employee friendliness, active communication with students, and so on. A few days ago, Shim-pyo which was one of the campus cafes closed because of an absence of a café manager. Now, there is only one campus café, Gong-gam, left. Wouldn’t it be better for Gong-gam to interact with students and actively reflect on students’ opinions?

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