[Vol. 78] Social Network Dramas Catering to Tastes of Modern People

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Love Playlist”, “Seventeen”, and “72 Seconds Drama”; Facebook users might have heard these titles of web dramas at least once. In particular, “Love Playlist” is the hottest web drama in snaps, which has topped 1.6 million subscribers. As a matter of fact, the web drama has appeared since 2010, but why is it suddenly becoming so popular?

Web dramas are especially optimized for viewing with smartphones or web better than the general dramas. After the appearance of the first Korean web drama in 2010, companies and producers set foot in the web drama industry, producing various contents and forms of web dramas. In particular, web dramas which have been broadcasted by social networks this year are popular among the viewers.

One of the biggest reasons that why it is the most popular is the production of drama based on the interests of the main audience. The main viewers of Facebook’s web drama are from teenagers to those who are in their twenties. In response, the production team has also created episodes that relate to the younger generation, such as campus life, employment, and love that people can experience in real life, unlike television dramas that deal with rather unrealistic love and conflict. Also, the emergence of a web drama that has relatively short running time is gaining huge popularity among contemporary people who are pressed for time.

Especially, most of the characters in the web drama posted by social network are amateurs who are majoring in acting or would-be actors/actresses. Another reason for the popularity is that people can get news of the new actresses and actors on the web that people have interest in drama by the social network like Instagram \ . Viewers express their opinions and interests on their personal appearance and receive news of the actors and actresses through personal networking accounts. People can develop favorable feelings to the actors and actresses and it leads liking feelings to drama.

Also, the web drama OSTs, sung by budding singers, have also been released on major online music websites and contributed to the recent rise of web dramas. Both web drama OSTs, “Shadows” sung by Whee In and “Deepen” by Melomance, ranked first and second in order at online music chart.

In South Korea, drama has been a popular cultural product since it was produced in the form of radio waves before television spread. After the spread, television drama has become a real flood. In the 1990s, television dramas showed the highest ratings in Korean history. By the 2000s, the emergence of cable television stations and the emergence of numerous TV broadcasters steadily attracted audiences. Now, in 2017, web drama is enjoying hot popularity.

Looking back on the history of the Korean drama, the cultural products of dramas are loved and cared for by the public. However, in the context of that popularity, the change in content or supply methods for that era is essential. Based on this, the current popularity of the web drama is not surprising, and it is a result of the success of the drama, which aims to target the modern society. About 10 years ago, the web drama was a form of unimaginable drama. However, web drama recently has become a hot topic of conversation about dramas people watch. It can be inferred that a new type of drama will emerge in just a few years. It makes the viewers expect how the drama industry would develop more and how a new type of drama would touch their heart living in heartless lives.

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