[Vol.81]My Special Winter Vacation: Spending Winter Semester at Hanyang University

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- 나의 특별한 겨울방학: 한양대학교 학점교류를 다녀오며


  Back in October, thinking about how to spend my winter vacation in a special way, I had a vague idea that I wanted to take a class at different universities. This led me to enroll in seasonal classes at Hanyang University.  However, the process of applying was not as easy as I thought. I had to check which school I can go to, whether lectures that I want to take are offered at that school, and whether similar lectures will be held in our school so that the credits I earned at the university could be accepted.

  To make the English lecture credits be accepted as credits of liberal arts classes in KNUE, I had to submit an application form for seasonal classes at Hanyang University to the university management headquarters. Before submitting it, I had to receive signatures from professors of similar lecture, department heads, and dean. About other classes, however, I did not need to receive signatures from professors of similar classes opened in our school since I want them to be approved as free credits.

  The morning class, differential and integral calculus, was meaningful in that I was able to learn the intensified contents of Chemistry Math, which I took in the previous semester. The afternoon English classes were taught by a native English professor. I wrote an essay related to my major and gave a presentation based on the essay. Professor mostly taught how to select the essay contents and how to organize the writing before writing the essay, and let students practice various things. For this lecture, it was especially good to get one-on-one feedback from the professor about the results and to let students practice it step by step after telling students how to produce a good result, rather than having to write or publish an essay recklessly.

  As I spent a majority of my time taking two lectures, my initial dream of my university life in Seoul filled with cultural events was shattered. With little information available about the lectures in advance, it was very difficult to attend several lectures. Personally, if you are going to other Universities' lecture program, I recommend you to enjoy various cultural life and gain various experiences along with the class.

  If you are to take classes at another university, you should have a clear ‘purpose’. In my case, the reason I chose Hanyang University was that the lecture that I wanted to take was offered. Also, I took differential calculus because I thought that I could learn the deeper contents of the Chemistry Math. Additionally, I took English lectures because I thought that I could study English conversation taught by a native English professor.

  While I was spending the winter semester, I didn't have any regrets. However, now that my grades have come out, I think I should have worked harder and I should have looked around various places on a large campus. In my opinion, I think it's a good opportunity to study, have various experiences, and have a unique challenge. I recommend you to take classes at a different university.


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